The Beers

Beers on tap at our taproom.
Available in Pints, Mugs, Growlers, Tastings and Flights.

1. Blackwatch Braggot   ABV 9.5    IBU 15
Braggot - Belgian Saison made with honey. Sweet with a little spice.

2. Farm House Cream   ABV 5.3    IBU 19
Cream Ale - Light and refreshing. Brewed with NYS Malt and Hops.

3. Trail Town Nut Brown   ABV 5.0    IBU 24
English Brown Ale - Malt accented, toffee and caramel with nutty finish.

4. Copper Beech Lager   ABV 5.5    IBU 35
California Common - Amber, light fruitiness, then earthy, woodsy hoppiness

5. Oxbow ESB   ABV 5.1    IBU 42
English Pale Ale - Amber, balanced with a touch of English hops.

6. Church and Main   ABV 6.2    IBU 55
English IPA - Light caramel malt balanced by an abundance of floral hops

Some of our other beers.
Watch for these to come back around in our rotation.

3rd Bunker Black Lager   ABV 5.5    IBU 35
NYS black lager - Dark lager, malty with roast and hints of smoke.

Apollo 8   ABV 8.0    IBU 90
Double IPA - Amber, deep hop flavors of citrus and pine, big malt backbone.

Bast Belgian   ABV 6.2    IBU 25
Belgian Single - Golden, ripe fruit and cloves, low bitterness

Big 'Merican   ABV 7.7    IBU 39
Imperial Brown Ale - Big malty brown ale with a light smokiness from Cherrywood

Brother's Belgian   ABV 6.8    IBU 25
Belgian Dubbel - Light amber, sweet and malty with a little spice.

Bushnell's Pale Ale   ABV 4.8    IBU 30
Belgian Pale Ale - Amber, fruity esters from Beligian yeast balanced with NYS hops

Cherry Tripel   ABV 9.0    IBU 27

Common Folk   ABV 3.6    IBU 20
English Mild Ale - Dark amber, coffee like from roasted malts. Our lightest beer!

Cuppa Porter   ABV 6.2    IBU 38
Java Porter - Porter brewed with locally roasted Ethiopian coffee

Fair-Porter   ABV 4.8    IBU 21
Brown Porter - Dark brown, roasted malts with caramel to lightly balance.

FairCasa Saison   ABV 8.0    IBU 17
Malt Beverage - Collaboration w/ Casa Larga Vineyards. Jordan Saison fermented with Muscat grape juice

Governor's IPA   ABV 6.5    IBU 60
NYS IPA - 100% NYS hops from Kendall, Victor, and Farmington. Citrusy and piney.

JJ McShane's   ABV 7.2    IBU 29
Oatmeal Stout - Dark, smooth and roasty. Some batches include vanilla extract

Jordan Saison   ABV 5.6    IBU 31
Belgian Saison - Farmhouse-style ale brewed with 4 grains and lemongrass

King Charles Porter   ABV 7.0    IBU 31
Robust Porter - Dark Brown, malty, made from an 18th century recipe w/ molasses and licorice

Lift Bridge Lager   ABV 5.0    IBU 38
Pilsner - Golden lager, crisp with a hoppy finish

Muddy Waters of Luv   ABV 6.5    IBU 33
Salted Chocolate Stout - Dark and smooth. Hints of cocoa.

Nike-Weizen   ABV 4.6    IBU 13
Hefeweizen - Golden, cloudy. Banana/bubblegum flavors with a spicey, spritzy finish

Oh-Pa   ABV 5.3    IBU 42
Oatmeal pale ale - Silky body balanced by resin and citrusy West Coast hop flavor.

Perrin Pale   ABV 5.7    IBU 23
Belgian table beer - Belgian table beer with Hibiscus, Pink in color, Earthy, slightly tart

Peter J. IPA   ABV 6.9    IBU 60
American IPA - Brewed with rye and intense American hops reminiscent of Pine and Grapefruit.

Potter's IPA   ABV 6.6    IBU 60
White IPA - Brewed with Wheat, Cascade hops, fermented with a Belgian Wit Yeast

Pure Oil   ABV 6.7    IBU 35
English Strong Ale - Dark Amber, big malt flavors of toffee and dried fruit. A Winter Warmer.

Raider’s Red   ABV 4.9    IBU 21
Irish Red Ale - Balanced, malt accented but not too sweet

Red Kraken   ABV 7.4    IBU 39
Irish Strong Ale - Deep copper, malty and full bodied. Light bitterness in the finish.

Saison Noire   ABV 5.6    IBU 31
Black Belgian Saison - Dark, malty, lightly smoked, peppery

Scumjumper III   ABV 4.7    IBU 5
Black Gose - Our annual tribute to the local tradition of Scum Jumping, this limited release always sells out fast!

Eyes of Calypso   ABV 10    IBU 120
Triple IPA - A 3x IPA with four hops incl. Calypso + Zythos. Huge tropical fruit flavors.

Three-Bee-Trippin'   ABV 9.0    IBU 27
Belgian Tripel - Traditional Belgian Tripel, Notes of honey.

Topplin Jon's Shattered Elb.   ABV 5.6    IBU 25
Vienna Lager - Light Amber, mild maltiness and crisp finish

Victavia Ale   ABV 5.2    IBU 45
Single Malt and Single Hop - Using malt from NY Craft Malt in Batavia, and hops from Bluebell in Victor

Whipple Brother's Ale   ABV 5.3    IBU 43
American Pale Ale - Our first 100% NYS American Pale Ale, with hops from Whipple Bros Farms in Kendal, NY

William's Altbier   ABV 5.7    IBU 33
German Altbier - Amber, lightly hopped with German-style hops.

Zee German   ABV 4.7    IBU 32
Hoppy German Ale - Light and Crisp, Spicy German hops.

Kendalavia Kolsch   ABV 4.5    IBU 22
Kolsch-style Ale - Golden ale, lightly malty , easy drinking. Hops from Kendall, malt from Batavia

Olde Orchard Wheat   ABV 4.5    IBU 20
Fruit Ale - Golden wheat ale, with cherries, blueberries, black and red raspberries

Patio Pale Ale   ABV 4.0    IBU 25
Pale Ale - Summer Session Ale. Low ABV but flavorful

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