The Beers

Beers on tap at our taproom.
Available in Pints, Mugs, Growlers, Tastings and Flights.

1. Farm House Cream   ABV 5.3    IBU 19
Cream Ale - Light and refreshing, a session beer. Brewed with NYS Malt and Hops.

2. King Charles Porter   ABV 7.0    IBU 31
Robust Porter - Dark Brown, malty, made from an 18th century recipe w/ molasses and licorice

3. Saison Noire   ABV 5.6    IBU 31
Black Belgian Saison - Dark, malty, lightly smoked, peppery

4. Red Kraken   ABV 7.4    IBU 39
Irish Strong Ale - Deep copper, malty and full bodied. Light bitterness in the finish.

5. Victavia Ale   ABV 5.2    IBU 45
Single Malt and Single Hop - Using malt from NY Craft Malt in Batavia, and hops from Bluebell in Victor

6. Apollo 8   ABV 8.0    IBU 90
Double IPA - Amber, deep hop flavors of citrus and pine, big malt backbone.

Coming soon!
Expected soon in our taproom.

Big 'Merican   ABV 7.7    IBU 39
Imperial Smoked Brown Ale; - Big malty brown ale with a light smokiness from Cherrywood

Cuppa Porter   ABV 6.2    IBU 38
Java Porter - Porter brewed with locally roasted Ethiopian coffee

Pure Oil   ABV 6.7    IBU 35
English Strong Ale - Dark Amber, big malt flavors of toffee and dried fruit. A Winter Warmer.

The Eyes of Calypso   ABV 10    IBU 120
Triple IPA - A 3x IPA with four hops incl. Calypso + Zythos. Huge tropical fruit flavors.

Some of our other beers.
Watch for these to come back around in our rotation.

Blackwatch Braggot   ABV 9.5    IBU 15
Braggot - Belgian Saison made with honey. Sweet with a little spice.

Brother's Belgian   ABV 6.8    IBU 25
Belgian Dubbel - Light amber, sweet and malty with a little spice.

Bushnell's Pale Ale   ABV 4.8    IBU 30
Belgian Pale Ale - Amber, fruity esters from Beligian yeast balanced with English-style hops

Church and Main   ABV 6.2    IBU 55
English IPA - Light caramel malt balanced by an abundance of floral hops

Common Folk   ABV 3.6    IBU 20
English Mild Ale - Dark amber, coffee like from roasted malts. Our lightest beer!

Fair-Porter   ABV 4.8    IBU 21
Brown Porter - Dark brown, roasted malts with caramel to lightly balance.

FairCasa Saison   ABV 8.0    IBU 17
Malt Beverage - Collaboration w/ Casa Larga Vineyards. Jordan Saison fermented with Muscat grape juice

Flemish Nut Brown   ABV 5.2    IBU 24
Flemish Brown - Dark Browns nutty and tart

Gutterwalker   ABV 4.8    IBU 22
Irish Dry Stout - Black, roasted nuts dominate , with a dry finish.

JJ McShane's   ABV 7.2    IBU 29
Oatmeal Stout - Dark, smooth and roasty. Some batches include vanilla extract

Jordan Saison   ABV 5.6    IBU 31
Belgian Saison - Dark golden malty, lightly spiced, peppery.

Lift Bridge Lager   ABV 5.0    IBU 38
Pilsner - Golden lager, crisp with a hoppy finish

Millstone Blonde   ABV 5.8    IBU 19
Blonde Ale - Golden yellow, lightly malted and hopped, mild notes of Banana and clove.

Muddy Waters of Luv   ABV 6.5    IBU 33
Salted Chocolate Stout - Dark and smooth. Hints of cocoa.

Nike-Weizen   ABV 4.6    IBU 13
Hefeweisen - Golden, cloudy. Banana/bubblegum flavors with a spicey, spritzy finish

Oh-Pa   ABV 5.3    IBU 42
Oatmeal pale ale - Silky body balanced by resin and citrusy West Coast hop flavor.

Olde Ezra Wee Heavy   ABV 6.8    IBU 28
Scotch Ale - Dark amber, malt with a little dried fruit.

Oxbow ESB   ABV 5.1    IBU 42
English Pale Ale - Amber, balanced with a touch of English hops.

Perrin Pale   ABV 5.7    IBU 23
Belgian table beer - Belgian table beer with Hibiscus, Pink in color, Earthy, slightly tart

Peter J. IPA   ABV 6.9    IBU 60
American IPA - Brewed with rye and intense American hops reminiscent of Pine and Grapefruit.

Potter's IPA   ABV 6.6    IBU 60
White IPA - Brewed with Wheat, Cascade hops, fermented with a Belgian Wit Yeast

Raider’s Red   ABV 4.9    IBU 21
Irish Red Ale - Balanced, malt accented but not too sweet

Rattlesnake Pete's      
Root Beer - Made with pure cane sugar and lots of root beer flavor.

Scum Jumper   ABV 5.8    IBU 23
Dunkelweizen - Our annual tribute to the local tradition of Scum Jumping, this limited release always sells out fast!

Summer farmhouse   ABV 5.3    IBU 30
Belgian Farmhouse ale - Belgian farmhouse ale brewed with 4 grains and lemongrass

Three-Bee-Trippin'   ABV 9.0    IBU 27
Belgian Tripel - Traditional Belgian Tripel, Notes of honey.

Topplin Jon's Shattered Elb.   ABV 5.6    IBU 25
Vienna Lager - Light Amber, mild maltiness and crisp finish

Trail Town Nut Brown   ABV 5.0    IBU 24
English Brown Ale - Malt accented, toffee and caramel with nutty finish.

Whipple Brother's Ale   ABV 5.3    IBU 43
American Pale Ale - Our first 100% NYS American Pale Ale, with hops from Whipple Bros Farms in Kendal, NY

White Buck   ABV 4.5    IBU 23
Wheat Ale - Golden cloudy, easy light flavored ale.

William's Altbier   ABV 5.7    IBU 33
German Altbier - Amber, lightly hopped with German-style hops.

Zee German   ABV 4.7    IBU 32
Hoppy Americanized German Ale - Light and Crisp, Spicy German Hops shine in this Americanized interpretation of the classic ales of Germany.

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