The Beers

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Retail Customers: 

Retail Events: If you have an event we can supply you with a keg/tap for a short period of time.  (Day or Weekend)  Please contact us at info@fairportbrewing with details.

Kegerator Home Use Update: We are short on kegs- If you own your own keg we would be happy to clean and fill it.  Until further notice we will not be selling kegs for home use.  For beer availability please contact us at

Wholesale Customers: 

We are currently supplying wholesale accounts.  Please contact us for beer availability and pricing information at


 Our Beers

(Available in our Tap Room; Growlers, Tastings, Flights, Pints and Mugs)

Whipple Brothers Ale: First 100% NYS American Pale Ale, hops from Whipple Bros Farms in Kendal, NY ABV 5.3 IBU47

J.J. McShane’s Oatmeal Stout: Dark, smooth and roasty.  Some batches included home made Vanilla Extract.  ABV 29 IBU 6.4

Peter J. IPA: (American IPA) Bracing bitterness w/a citrus finish.  Malt sweetness to balance. ABV 6.03 IBU 52

Irish Farmhouse: (Cream Ale) Light and refreshing, a session beer.  ABV 4.85 IBU16

Apollo 8: (Double IPA) Amber, deep hop flavors of melon and grapefruit, big malt backbone.  ABV 8 IBU 90

Olde Ezra Wee Heavy: (Scotch Ale) Dark amber, malt w/a little dried fruit. ABV 6.8  IBU 28

Scum Jumper Ale: (Version 2 coming soon)

Red Rye IPA: (Rye IPA) Like Peter J IPA, but with rye.  ABV 6.5 IBU 49

Blackwatch Braggot: (Braggot) Belgian Saison made with honey.  Sweet w/a little spice.  ABV 7.86  IBU 27

Fair Porter: (Robust Porter) Dark brown/black roasted malts with caramel to lightly balance.  ABV 4.8  IBU 21

Jordan Saison: (Belgian Saison) Dark golden malty, lightly spiced, peppery. 5.6 IBU 30

William’s Altbier: (German Altbier) Amber, lightly hopped and crisp. ABV 4.9 IBU 37

Trail Town Nut Brown: (English Brown Ale) Malt accented, toffee and caramel with nutty finish. ABV 4.9, IBU 21

Pure Oil Strong Ale: (Malt Bomb!) ABV 6.7  IBU 35

Gutterwalker Stout: (Irish Dry Stout) Black roasted nuts dominate with a dry finish. ABV 4.8 IBU 22

Millstone Blonde: (Blonde Ale) Golden yellow, lightly malted and hopped, slightly sweet.  ABV 4.7 IBU 19

Raider’s Red: (Irish Red Ale)  Balanced, malt accented but not too sweet, ABV 4.8, IBU 24

Common Folk: (English Mild Ale) Dark amber, coffee like from roasted malts. ABV 3.6 IBU 18.6

Brothers’ Belgian: (Belgian Double) Light amber, sweet and malty with a little spice. ABV 7.2  IBU 25

White Buck Ale: (Wheat) Golden cloud, easy light flavored ale. ABV 4 IBU 20

Oxbow ESB: (English Pale Ale) Amber, balanced with a touch of English hops. ABV 5.3 IBU 32

BPA: (Belgian Pal Ale) Details coming soon.

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