Fairport Growler

Fairport Brewing Company is proud to offer our artisan, hand crafted approach to brewing the highest quality beer using only the best ingredients.  Our beers are brewed in small batches and we are small enough to craft many different styles. There is always something for everyone. Beer is our passion and we are proud to share our best- with you!


RoctoBEERfest Celebration


Party?  YOU BET!!!!!

Rain or Shine! Under the tent!

Come celebrate the beer at our 4 year anniversary blow out.  You guessed it,  on that amazing corner with an amazing local live musical line-up.

Now that we own the joint, why wouldn’t we?  They say ownership has it’s privileges!

Tickets?  Screw that, no tickets needed,  just bring your wallet and loads of cash.  Come on out and enjoy the best that Fairport has to offer; live local music, beer “made right here”, whiskey from Iron Smoke, Timbucha Kombucha cocktails, Brats from Skips (made with real FBC beer so it pairs well with your pint) and those Amazing Grains people cooking it all up on their homemade bread!

Doors open at 10am!  We are expecting a few people so you might want to get there early!

Oh did we forget?  Drink specials too! 


Labor Day Hours

Labor Day Hours for the weekend…. Cheers!

Friday: 4-Midnight
Saturday: Noon-Midnight
Sunday: Noon-Midnight
Monday: Noon-10pm

Fairport Music Fest

Here is the line up for Music Fest @FairportNY (our Twitter handle) – on Friday we have Genesee Rising a new 5 piece band that preformed a couple weeks ago during our Monday evening open mic and on Saturday…

Lets have some fun BUT let’s be responsible!  If you have to leave your car at Mr. Dominic’s, well just come see us and we will grab you a cab!


Village Bakery in Pittsford

You ask, “Where can I get that high end health beverage, called Timbucha Kombucha, full of probiotics and B-vitamins in Pittsford?”   Continue reading

It’s official…..

Beer’s of the World is now carrying our Cranberry Pear kombucha on tap!

Can you say high end health beverage filled with probiotic, enzymes, low calorie, low carb, off the charts B vitamins, and refreshing drink?







Grab those growlers and get going!!!!

New Hours on Sunday

We will be open on Sundays going forward at 2pm-7pm.

Bottle this and we will buy you a pint!

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 11.12.29 PMBuy two bottles of any FBC beer at any Wegmans and bring in your receipt on Friday and we will buy you a pint!


Where can you get Timbucha Kombucha?

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.06.12 AMSo you want an unpredictable outburst of pure refreshment?

Timbucha can be found at the following fine establishments!!!!


1. Clawson’s Deli on Ayrault Road

2. Golds Gym in the Village of Fairport

3. Garman Chiropractic in the Village of Fairport

4. Fairport Brewing Company in the Village of Fairport

5. Grossmans Garden and Home in Penfield

6. Towpath Cafe on the Erie Canal, Fairport

7. Lori’s Natural Foods-900 Jefferson Road, Rochester, NY

8. AJ’s Warehouse- 175 Clay Road, Henrietta

9. Abundance Cooperative Market -62 Marshal Street , Rochester NY


More to come!!!!

Timbucha Kombucha released!

Timbucha Kombucha has been officially released!

IMG_1509And it’s really, really good for you!!!  So get ready for an unpredictable outburst of pure refreshment!

It’s Fermented Tea! 

Timbucha  pronunciation: (timˈbo͞oCHə)
Kombucha pronunciation: (kômˈbo͞oCHə)

Probiotic, Living, Organic and Raw!

What’s in it? 100% Organic Fermented Tea, Organic cane sugar and Reverse Osmosis H2O.  (4 x’s filtered water!)

What Is Timbucha?
Timbucha is kombucha, an ancient Chinese drink and its history dates back to over 2000 years and is referred to as the ‘Immortal Health Elixir’. It is fermented sweet tea; fermented with bacteria and yeast.

Timbucha is a refreshing, alternative to soft drinks, sugary fruit juices and alcoholic drinks. Timbucha is a little tart and tangy, with just a hint of sweetness and yes we will have a purple bottle with fizz!

Green logo on the bottle is the un-carbonated version.  Just like Tim drinks it right from the fermenter.

Health benefits
Timbucha doesn’t cure anything. However it does strengthen your immune system and allows your body to heal from the inside out. It’s a natural probiotic and detox.  Great for digestion, immune support, detoxification, liver support and weight loss.  It contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and enzymes and has been prized by traditional cultures for it’s health-promoting properties.  A nutrient-rich low-sugar beverage.

Timbucha Kombucha is wonderful at supporting the body in various ways.  It isn’t some magic pill or silver bullet, but it helps the body function well by supporting:

*liver detoxification
*improved pancreas function
*increased energy
*improved mood (helps with anxiety/depression)
*kills candida (yeast)
*helps nutrient assimilation
*weight loss, etc……..

Timbucha naturally has a variety of B Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12).  It also has Enzymes, Gluconic Acid, Glucosamines, Acetic Acid, Polyphenols, Anti-Oxidants, and Glucaric Acid.

Timbucha bottles are 16 oz growlers.  If you bring them back to your retailer you will only be charged for the refill, not the glass!  We collect the glass, clean, sanitize and reuse!

Cornerstone Laboratories Timbucha analysis (Memphis, TN)

  • Alcohol by Volume is      0.675%- You will never get drunk on it.
  • Sugar 3.9 Grams per      8 oz serving- Very low sugar
  • Vitamin B12                    404 mcg/ 8 oz serving.- RDA is 2.4 mcg.

We are excited that Timbucha is now available at:

Clawsons Deli -Perinton

Gold’s Gym- Fairport Village

Garman Chiropractic –Fairport Village

Grossmans Garden and Home – Penfield

Lori’s Natural Foods – Henrietta

AJ’s Warehouse – Henrietta

Towpath Cafe -Fairport



Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 11.12.29 PMWe are so proud to say that Wegman’s will be stocking our beer.  Starting at the Penfield Store, and then Pittsford to follow.   We have to crawl before we walk!

Eventually we will have four bottles at these stores. The Raider’s Red, the Big ‘Merican, Peter J Double IPA, and the Sinners & Saints!  Look for these labels!  And as always…. Thank you for your support!



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