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Fairport Brewing Company is proud to offer our artisan, hand crafted approach to brewing the highest quality beer using only the best ingredients.  Our beers are brewed in small batches and we are small enough to craft many different styles. There is always something for everyone. Beer is our passion and we are proud to share our best- with you!


First Generation Mug Club Renewals

Hellooo Mug Clubbers!  (First Generation only!)

It’s just about renewal time so we wanted to give you some options to continue your membership. Your membership expires on 6/14/2015  (if you look to the right, in that yellow box, you can see exactly how much time is left)  The clock is ticking!


1. You can follow this link and extend your first generation membership for only $22.till the end of the year.

2. You can retire your first generation mug, follow this link and extend your membership to the end of the year and get a second generation mug with your number on it for $122. 

3. You can do nothing and let the membership expire, allowing some thirsty soul on our waiting list a shot at the membership.


Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 5.59.21 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-18 at 3.17.28 PM

Remember membership has it’s privileges, see original post on the Mug Club

Anyone who does not renew their membership by the end of business on June 13th. 2015 will automatically forfeit their membership and their mug will be automatically retired.   That membership position will then be offered to the first thirsty soul on the official mug club membership waiting list.  Please don’t wait !

Want to be on the Waiting List?  Send your Name, Email and number of Mugs to info@fairportbrewing.com



2015 World Beer Championships! The Results Are in!


Fairport Brewing Company Makes a Clean Sweep with Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals from the 2015 World Beer Championships sponsored by the Beverage Tasting Institute.

FBC’s Raider’s Red earned a coveted Gold Medal. The Raider’s Red was rated “Exceptional” and tied with Boston Beer Co.’s Sam Adam’s Irish Red. Judges called the Raider’s Red “a delicious and well balanced Irish ale with a nice chocolatey character and a warming finish.”

FBC earned a Silver Medal and a “Highly Recommended” rating for their very popular Apollo 8 Double IPA. “A rock solid IPA with a nice balance and length” was mentioned.

The Bronze Medal was awarded to FBC’s Farmhouse Cream Ale.

“We are really proud of our accomplishments!” states Tim Garman (co-owner and founder). “Both the Raider’s Red and the Apollo 8 have a great following and the Bronze Medal for our Cream Ale is a real boon for us as well. The Cream Ale is one of our New York State Beers and as a NYS Farm Brewery, it represents our commitment to use locally grown hops and malts. Placing with a NYS beer .. is really exciting for us.”

Fairport Brewing Company opened in February 2012. It is located in the Village at the corner of Main and Church for tastings and retail, in an historic Pure Oil gas station, that was rehabbed by FBC friends, family, and customers. The Beverage Tasting Institute, based in Chicago IL, is a professional beverage evaluation company. The beers were tested by a panel of experts from the brewing industry and academia.

Easter Sunday

easter  graphicFBC is Closed Easter Sunday – Remember to Stop by Earlier This Weekend for Growler Fills! April 5 Brewery Tour has Been Moved to May 3.

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Mug Club Waiting List

June 14th, 2014 @ 5:30pm marked the 100th and final mug being sold in the FBC mug club. That also meant the clock started ticking for next years enrollment which means, there could be some opportunities for those that prepare well in advance!

Fairport 2015


The renewal window for our first gen mug club members will run from May 1 to May 31, 2015 and the renewal membership will be $52.

So, how do I get in?

When someone vacates their membership at the end of the term it opens up their slot for the next person on the waiting list. If you are that next person you will be notified by one of our bartenders on Monday June 1st, 2015. If there is no one on the waiting list that slot goes up for sale to the public.  The cost to join which includes your keep-able 2nd gen mug is $100.  and the benefits are many.  Free beer on day one, free beer on your birthday and free beer every-time we come out with a new brew and then some!

If you want to be on the waiting list simply Email us here

Please include a phone number and the number of mugs!

Mug Club Expanded

sold_out_signThat is right, we are expanding our exclusive Mug Club by doubling the size.   If you have a beer lover on your list you might want to get in on this now because we are literally running out of space.

Click Here to Reserve your Membership!!!

IMG_1287(2015 Mugs will arrive early January (sorry, we are not going to have mugs for 12/25)

Note to current Mug Clubbers, your membership was extended until June 2015.  You will have an opportunity to renew your membership in May for 1/2 year and can upgrade your mug at that time.  

If you love Fairport Beer, you’ll love this program. For $100 year one, and an annual renewal fee of $52, you get the following:

  • Your own personal ceramic mug to keep at the brewery, identified with your unique number
  • 6 additional ounces of beer every time you fill your mug for the same price as a 16 oz pint
  • Free Pint when you get your new mug,on your birthday and on the day we release a new beer.
  • Special priviledges as they are presented.

But you will need to hurry – there are only 100 mugs available and we won’t be ordering more till next year. This is a great gift idea for the Beer Lover in your life.

Some rules apply:

  • At the end of the year you can take your mug home or renew membership! (any mug will be considered abandoned if not claimed w/in 30 days)
  • Don’t break your mug!
  • Mugs stay at the tap room until membership is over.
  • No prorating of fee – it’s all or nothing
  • Program will be closed at 6:00 pm on 12/31/14 or when the first 100 mugs are spoken for.
  • Enjoy Fairport Brew!


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Yes, the magic number is 21.  Years of age that is.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?


Is my registration/ticket transferable?

Yes you can buy a membership for someone else, or you can buy a membership and scalp it.  Just keep us in the loop so we know the ownership of the mug.  If you sell your mug before your membership is out, membership will transfer with the sale of the membership/mug.  If you sell your mug after membership expires, no rights of membership shall transfer.

Tickets on sale: Brewmaster’s Private Tour and Tasting

How often do you get a personal tour and tasting with the actual brewmaster?

Well here is your chance! This private brewmaster’s tour is limited to 20 people.


Feb 8, Mar 1, (April Brewery Tour is Rescheduled for May 3), May 3 June 14



It runs for 1.5 hours starting with a short introduction at the Tap Room located at 99 South Main Street promptly at noon. Guests will then travel to the brewery at 1000 Turk Hill Rd Bldg 8, 2nd flr (the old Crosman Arms factory) and learn the step by step process of craft beer brewing from start to finish. Then back to the Tap Room for a tasting.

The $10.00 tour price includes the tasting and your tasting glass is yours to keep!

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your tour time.

If the tour date does not show up, the tour for that day is full.

Anyone under the age of 21 will not be able to participate in the tasting.

Web site enhanced

We've enhanced the web site with a dynamic listing of what's now on tap at our tap room. Now when you visit the page it will show you exactly what's currently available. The list is updated every time we change a keg. http://fairportbrewing.com/whats-on-tap/


Please pardon our construction.  We are attempting to add some functionality to the site.   Thanks!
Soon you will be able to see in real time exactly what’s available at our tap room and a list of what’s coming soon too.

Fairport Music Fest Stage 4

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.43.02 AM

The Line Up for Stage 4 Fairport Brewing Company‘s patio beer garden! Saturday August 23rd, 2014

From 12-1 pm Mike Speranza Music
From 1:15-2:15 Marty Roberts
From 2:30 – 3:30 Meg Williams Music
From 3:45- 4:45 Jon Lewis Music
From 5-6 Travis Fitch
From 6:15-7:15 Demand
From 7:30-11pm Fairport’s own….Joe and Pete Fornieri